About Us

Nick Bernacki started I Rub My Meat as a combination of his interests intersected.  He has always loved cooking and bbqing as well as designing and developing websites.

His love for smoked, grilled and fried foods are what makes this blog stand out from the rest.  With all the health oriented, gluten free, vegan this or that recipes out there he decided that there should be a place for the not so health conscious food lovers out there who just want a good old fashioned meal.

Nick is a website designer and developer at Ledge Web Design, where he is also able to be creative and bring many projects to life.

His favorites recipes are:


Deep Fried Lasagna

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Apps


Join Us

Interested in joining the I Rub My Meat team?  We are always looking for people who love to cook and develop new recipes.  Send us an email with a brief bio and why you would be a great fit!