Bacon Wrapped Chicken Appetizers


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Appetizers

So today I tried some bacon wrapped chicken on the bbq.  Nothing new, but something I’ve never made before.  I’ve had these a few times and they’re always awesome.  These came out amazing, with a total cook time of roughly 2 hours.  I had recently gotten about a dozen McCormick seasonings to try out and I thought the Molasses Bacon would do the trick.

I started with two chicken breasts, cut them up into semi equal pieces probably between an inch and an inch and a half cubes.  I tossed each piece in the Molasses Bacon seasoning, rolled them up in half a piece of bacon, rolled that in the seasoning again and stuck a wooden toothpick through it.

From there, they were thrown on the top rack of the grill at 300º for an hour, flipped halfway through.  I like my bacon to be crispy so afterwards I threw them on the lower grates for another 15 minutes, flipping again about halfway through.

For the glaze, I heated a pan on low with some brown sugar, sugar and butter until it started to caramelize.  I realized that I had a half piece of bacon leftover so I tossed that in for some extra flavor. As it all began to heat up I added some water and stirred it all together.  It simmered for about 20 minutes (I started this way too early, it can probably be started when you first move the pieces to the lower grill).  I was curious at this point as to how they would taste without the glaze so I tried one.  It was crispy but the seasoning was a bit overpowering and too salty.  The rest of them I tossed in the glaze for about 5 minutes, put aside on a plate to cool for 5 minutes and served.  They came out great.


1 package bacon

2 chicken breasts

1 2.75 oz McCormick Molasses Bacon Seasoning


About 1/2 cup light brown sugar

About 1 tbsp sugar

About 1 tbsp butter

About 1/3 cup water

Sorry for the estimates on the glaze, but I learned to cook at a pizzeria and measuring was done by eye, so I’ve never really been big on exact measurements.  I did have some leftover glaze so you can probably dial that part down a little bit.


Overall I’d say this one was a big hit.  Even my fiance who doesn’t like bacon (I know, I know) tried it and said it was good.  I’ll be adding this to a lot of BBQ’s this summer.

I’ll give the overall taste a 9 out of 10

Oh, and tip for next time – add a few extra slices of bacon in with the glaze ‘cus that caramelized bacon was amazing!


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