Chicken Kebobs

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Chicken Kebobs

Simple and quick to prepare, but always tasty and appealing, kebobs are one of my favorite bbq foods.  I wanted to try something slightly different with these, so I did two recipes.  For half, I included some fresh pineapple, and the other half I stuck in some baby colored potatoes.

First thing you want to do it chunk up some chicken breast, throw it in a ziplock with your favorite teriyaki sauce (can also be substituted for Italian dressing) and let it sit for about 2-3 hours in the fridge.

Meanwhile, you can clean and chop some of your favorite veggies to about inch and a half pieces.  I always like to use red pepper and onions, but you can use any color pepper, red onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, or basically anything else you can stick on a stick.

For the potatoes, I boiled them for about 10 to 15 minutes just so that they weren’t rock hard, but not enough that they would start to fall apart.

You can toss the vegetables in the teriyaki or keep them dry, that’s all a matter of preference.  This time I kept them dry and stuck them on the skewers alternating randomly between red pepper, chicken, onion, yellow pepper and pineapple/potato. (Side note: I noticed that the pieces of chicken that were touching the pineapple became chalky and later found out the reason, linked on this page, but if you don’t touch the pineapple to the chicken or use canned pineapple you should be fine.)

You can cook these however you’d like, alternating and rolling the pieces every so often for an even cook.  You want to get that crisp, juicy feeling to your vegetables.

Serve these either on the stick or take them off and serve with rice or whatever side you like.  The kids always love eating right off the stick.


Chicken breast


Red pepper

Yellow pepper



Colorful baby potatoes


Also needed:

Wooden or metal skewers (I prefer to use wooden because I like to eat right off of them).

Zip lock bag



This is a recipe I will be making again, only this time I think I’ll try to separate the chicken and the pineapple.  The potatoes were still a little too hard for me and I probably would leave them out next time.

Overall I’ll give this an 8 out of 10.


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