Deep Fried Oreos!


Deep Fried Oreos!

Guaranteed to be a crowd favorite, deep fried Oreos are a carnival and fair favorite that are extremely easy to make at home.  I like to make these when I’m making pizza because I cheat and buy my pizza dough (I’m also in New York so we have the best dough around haha).

You can buy a pizza dough from your local pizza shop for roughly $3 or make your own fresh.  You basically want to flatten out a a round piece of dough about 5 inches around.  Place the Oreo in the center and fold up the sides.  It’s very important that you completely seal the Oreo and do not have any cookie showing.  You can use more dough if you prefer.  Press out any air inside so that the dough sticks to the cookie.

Meanwhile, heat your deep fryer to 350°.  My preference for these is vegetable oil but you can use whatever you like.  Once it reaches temperature place the balls in.  You can fill it up so that they are touching.  Roll them over with a fork until they turn golden brown.  Lift them out and let the oil dry off for a few minutes.

Coat them in confectioners sugar and serve.  You can also toss them in a paper bag with about 25% sugar, 75% confectioners sugar for a nice, even zeppoli look.



Fresh pizza dough

Oreos (I go with double stuff, hey why not?)


Confectioners (powder) sugar

Sugar (optional)


Also needed:

Deep fryer



These bad boys are a 10 out of 10 every day!  Pairs perfectly with some homemade pizzas when you just haven’t gotten enough carbs in.  Sorry for the lack of pictures but they didn’t last long enough for proper photos!


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