Easy, Bake in Oven S’mores

Easy, Bake In Oven S'mores

Easy, Bake in Oven S’mores

Everybody loves a good s’mores, but what happens when it’s raining or snowing and you can’t make a fire?  Or you’re just too lazy (in my case).  Throw it in the oven!  Sure, it won’t have that browned marshmallow taste we all love, but I think this should hold your cravings over until you can get around a fire.

Heat your oven to 225°.  Grab yourself a piece of graham cracker (I used chocolate grahams just for a little added flavor), and put down a few pieces of chocolate.

Photo Jul 25, 11 02 16 PM

Add two marshmallows on top.

Photo Jul 25, 11 02 24 PM

Sandwich the marshmallow and chocolate with another graham cracker, but don’t press down or it will break.

Photo Jul 25, 11 02 35 PM

Wrap it up gently in a piece of aluminum foil, put in oven directly on the racks for about 15 minutes.

Photo Jul 25, 11 02 58 PM

Open up and get messy!

Photo Jul 25, 11 19 04 PM


2 pieces of Graham cracker

2 marshmallows

1/2 Hershey chocolate bar


Also needed:

Aluminum foil



You just can’t beat a campfire marshmallow, but this will come close.  With chocolate, a crunch, and some gooeyness, what’s not to love?  I’ll give this one a 9.




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