How I Squeeze Fruits & Vegetables Into My Highly Carnivorous Diet

Peach Pineapple Habanero Rub

I like meat, I like cheese.  I like pizza, I like breads.  I like pizza and breads with meat and cheese on them.  But who the hell goes out of their way to eat vegetables?  Sure, potatoes are good.  And jalapenos.  But I don’t think either of those are 100% counted as a vegetable.  And pizza sauce doesn’t exactly count either.

So how do you squeeze your fruits and vegetables into your diet?  Sprinkle them on top of your meat.  I bought a dehydrator a couple years ago when I wanted to first make beef jerky.  I’ve gotten quite a few uses out of it, and at one point tried dehydrating some pineapple because I love those sugary dehydrated pineapple chunks you get at the store.  Well as you probably guessed, they came out nothing like those sugary chunks of goodness.

Then I thought, aha!  What if I dry them out completely, mix them with a few other ingredients and make my own dry rub?  Now we have an idea!  And since that point I’ve been making my own rubs and sauces and loving (most of) the outcomes.

Here are three dry rubs you can make at home with a dehydrator and a few other ingredients you probably already have.

Very Berry Pork Dry Rub & Sauce

Peach Pineapple Habanero Dry Rub

Lemon Garlic Dry Rub



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