How to Make the Perfect Bacon Weave


How to Make the Perfect Bacon Weave

Why do I need a bacon weave?  Asked no one ever.  Bacon is delicious, smells great and tastes even better.  Now we get to make it all fancy and useful too!  You can weave your bacon for fun, or to wrap your meat.  My favorite reason to weave bacon is while rolling a fatty.  No, not that type of fatty.   I’m talking about a nice, big, stuffed meat roll.

First, you want to start off with some good quality bacon.  None of that crap that starts off as an inch and a half and ends up in a point on the other end.   Ideally, the more rectangular the bacon the better.

You want to start off with a piece of wax or parchment paper, especially if you are going to be wrapping a piece of meat.  Start off two strips of bacon in an L shape, perpendicular to each other, one end on top of the other.

bacon weave

Easy enough so far, huh?  Now, alternate strips going down towards you.  One under, one over…

bacon weave bacon weave bacon weave

Next up, take every piece that is underneath the left piece of bacon, and flip it over.

bacon weave

Place a vertical strip next to the first piece.

bacon weave

Flip the horizontal strips back over.

bacon weave

Repeat this process until done, always flipping over the horizontal piece that was under the last vertical piece.

bacon weave

Boom!   You’re done and should have a beautiful work of bacon art in front of you.  Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be a waste to eat it.

bacon weave bacon weave

Now comes the fun part!  What do you do with this bacon weave??  Below are some images of a beautiful fatty I wrapped in bacon.  It’s basically a meatloaf stuffed with whatever you want, and of course wrapped in bacon.

bacon weave bacon weave bacon weave bacon weave bacon weave



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