How to Remove the Silver Skin From Baby Back Ribs in Under a Minute

How to Remove the Silver Skin From Baby Back Ribs in Under a Minute

It’s the weekend and you get to bbq a few racks of ribs for the family.  Great!  You whip out your favorite dry rub, fire up the smoker, pull out the ribs, and then you remember – the damn membrane on the ribs.

Sure, you can leave it on.  But then the flavors won’t penetrate into the meat, and no one likes eating it anyway.  BUT it’s a huge pain in the ass to pull off, right?  It doesn’t have to be!

It’s actually pretty simple to remove the silver skin and takes less than a minute per rack.

All you’re going to need is a sharp, short knife

Start off by gently pushing the knife under the membrane, right above one of the center bones
Push slowly, trying not to pierce through the membrane.  Go all the way across
Now slide your index and middle finger underneath until you can grasp the opposite end
Yea, sometimes I finger my meat too…  Gently apply some pressure upwards as you push down on the center of the rack with your other hand Your ribs will resemble a bow, just grip tightly and pull it right off
Now you’ve got some pretty ribs ready to be rubbed down!

What are your favorite rubs?  Personally I like to make my own, but when in a rush I’ll use one of these:

Honey Hog by Meat Church (This has become my #1 go to rub when I’m not making my own)

McCormick Grill Mates Applewood Rub (Which I’ll mix 50/50 with brown sugar for extra sweetness)


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