We like to Rub Our Meat a little too much and you know how that goes…we sometimes (read: always) have leftovers.  Growing up, leftovers was a term I feared and despised, but fear not – we have the fix!

These recipes are basically sub-recipes.  Yep, now you can make our delicious recipes and the next day when you have some leftover and you’re looking for something a little different you can throw together a quick meal that’s completely different yet extremely tasty!

So you may be asking why?  Well, as a man you feel more manly when you cook larger chunks of meat, admit it, and you don’t always need it.  I like to cook briskets that are a minimum of 10 pounds, which after trimming and shrinkage still come out to at least 6 or 7 pounds of beef.  That’s a lot for a couple to eat.

You’ve got the basics – sliced brisket and burnt ends, and maybe brisket egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast the next day, but by the second night you’re sick of it.  My goal is to have so many options you’re smoking another brisket next weekend.

The goal of these recipes are to be mostly made up of things you already have around the house and are less fancy, with 3 or 4 extra ingredients.  We hope you enjoy these easy leftover recipes!

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