Pineapple, Onions, Pepper and Chop Meat Fatty


Pineapple, Onions, Pepper and Chop Meat Fatty

A fatty is basically a delicious meat log that has been gaining in popularity recently.  A friend of mine introduced me to them a few months back and of course I had to give it a try.  A fatty is usually made up of ground beef, pork sausage, or a combination of the two.  Inside is a concoction of deliciousness that can range from your basic cheese, peppers and onions to some crazy shit.

At the time I was on a kind of pineapple kick, so I went with that.  First, you’ll want to have two pieces of parchment or wax paper to work on as this will save you a lot of headache and cleanup.  I chose to do mine with ground beef, so I flattened it out into a kind of rectangle shape.  Next I wanted to keep with the sweet, pineapple taste so I added some sugar and brown sugar and gently patted it into the meat.

Then came a layer of onions, green, red and orange peppers, and thinly chopped pineapple. (Side note: I later learned that cheese is a necessity and that fresh pineapple doesn’t cook well with meat. See reason here).  Keep all ingredients about an inch inside the edges of the meat.

On the second piece of parchment paper you want to weave about 12 pieces of bacon together.  For this, you want some of the stronger, thicker bacon so that it won’t fall apart.  Easiest way to do this it to start with two pieces of bacon in a L shape.  (Another side note: you might want to do this before setting up the meat rectangle so that you know how long you can go).  Next, add slices of bacon, one under, one over, etc.  If this sounds too difficult, you can always just wrap the bacon around.

Now you want to roll up your log, nice and tight.  You’re basically going to get a semi pinwheel, and now the edges that you left stuffing-free can be worked together to seal everything inside.  Now this is where the parchment paper comes in handy.  You will want to place the log into the center of the bacon weave, top side down.  Roll the bacon tightly around and hold it in place with wooden toothpicks.

You may want to prepare the log and let it sit in the fridge overnight wrapped tightly so that everything can blend and hold together better.

For cooking, you want to go low and slow to make sure everything inside gets cooked and also so that the bacon gets fully cooked.  I did mine on a cheap electric smoker that cooks at around 225°, ideally to crisp up the bacon you need to be at around 275°.  I had to finish mine in the oven to get the bacon crispy.  Towards the end I also covered with some bbq sauce.


Ground beef and/or pork sausage

Package of bacon


Green pepper

Red pepper

Orange pepper

Pineapple (I would advise against this and probably use a mixture of cheddar and cream cheese)

Brown sugar


BBQ sauce


Also needed:


Parchment/Wax paper



I’m going to be honest, the pineapple really ruined this for me.

Overall this had to be a 2 out of 10, it kind of tasted like bad, chalky meatloaf.


What I would do next time:

Inside I would stick with red peppers, onions, cream cheese and cheddar.  I could probably do without the sugar as well, and maybe coat the outside with some rub.  I’ll be trying this one again soon.






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