Pulled Pork Nachos


Pulled Pork Nachos

One of many reasons why you should always make an extra butt is pulled pork nachos.  Great as a snack or even a dinner, throw down your favorite ingredients on a pile of tortilla chips and you can’t go wrong.

First thing you want to do when reheating pulled pork is make sure it isn’t going to dry out.  You can do this by adding your favorite bbq sauce or the juices from the meat.  This time I made some Dr Pepper pulled pork so I threw in some juices and a little more Dr Pepper into the frying pan.  Heat the oven to 350° in the meantime, and get yourself a cookie sheet.  I like to use pizza trays because I make a nice round pile of nachos.  Anyway, throw down about a layer of chips, cover with some cheese.  Put down another layer of chips, then a little more cheese – you can never have enough.   I like to use the Mexican blend that comes already shredded, it saves me a lot of time and cleanup and you get a good variety.

Next you want to add a little something to keep everything moist, salsa should do the trick.  Put a few dabs down.  When your pork is heated back up, sprinkle it over the nachos.  I like to add a little more salsa on top of the pork to keep the moisture.  Add another layer of cheese and whatever else you like – black or red refried beans, pickled jalapenos or banana peppers are a few good ones.

You don’t want to add any fresh vegetables just yet.  Stick the pan in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the cheese is fully melted and the chips start to turn golden brown on the edges.  Take it out and add any vegetables you’d like.  Tomatoes, fresh salsa, corn salsa, scallions, onions, lettuce,  guacamole and sour cream are a few good toppings.

You really can’t go wrong with nachos.  Make sure you get yourself some good corn tortilla chips, a good protein (pulled pork, taco meat, pulled or diced chicken, diced steak, refried beans), lots of cheese and something to add moisture and you’re set.

Here’s the recipe I used:



Corn tortilla chips

Pulled pork


Mexican blend cheeses



Personally this batch came out a little dry for me.  It could have used some guacamole and corn salsa, so I’ll give this a 7 out of 10.


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