The Drunken Sausage


The Drunken Sausage

This one gets its name not by its contents, but by its origins.  I think you get the idea.  Any way, this is my fiance’s favorite, gotta have it every time we make a fire snack.  It’s basic, with three ingredients you can’t go wrong.

Start with a fire.  Add sausage on skewer in said fire.  Cook it, poking holes in the side after a minute or two of heat or else the sausage will burst.  You want to hold the sausage just at the tips of the flames, and maybe even a little higher. That way you get a nice, even cook with just the right bit of char.

Now comes the hard part.  Grab the sausage off the skewer by using a potato bun like a hot mitt.  Lastly, crush up a handful of Cool Ranch Doritos right on top.  Enjoy.

I guarantee you, whether you think this sounds good right now or not, you’ll thank me when you try it.  Before I tried this, I didn’t even eat Cool Ranch Doritos (unless I had a few beers in me).  Hey, now I love em.

So just to recap this intense recipe:

Fire + Sausage + Potato Bun + Crushed Doritos = Awesome




Potato Bun

Cool Ranch Doritos


Also needed:





I’ve had this sober and not so sober, and it is a win either way.  10 out of 10 hands down from everyone who has tried this.



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