Deep Dish Personal Pizza


Deep Dish Personal Pizza

Pizza is probably my favorite food.  Or at least it’s what I eat most of the time.  And hey, I don’t think it’s really that bad for you – it’s got so many food groups you got grains, dairy, vegetables, oils, and sometimes some meat.  Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself.

Anyway, it’s pretty easy to make at home.  I live in New York so we have the best pizza, and I’m saying that from experience.  I’ve had pizza all over the place and you just can’t beat our pizza and bagels.

I prefer to cheat and go to a nearby pizza shop and pick up a few doughs.  They’re only about $3-4 each, and save me a lot of time and mess of making my own.  This way I can focus on the good part, the toppings!

So what you want to do is get yourself a couple pizza doughs and a couple 9″ cake pans.  Put a drop of olive oil on the bottom of the pan, place the dough on top, and cover with a towel.  Let the dough rise for a couple hours until it is no longer dense and hard, to more light and fluffy.  Next, grab yourself some Crisco and wipe it on the bottom and sides on the cake pan.  Stretch out the pizza dough to about 2 or 3 inches larger than the pan.  Gently place the stretched dough inside and work it into the pan.  Use your pointer finger to create a crust by pushing the dough into the corners.  Again, let this rise maybe 30-40 minutes.

Next up, grab yourself a ladle or tablespoon.  Pour some pizza sauce into the center of the pie, and in a circular motion starting from the middle, work the sauce outwards.  Stop when you are about one inch from the edges.  Heat your oven up to 350°.  At this point, you have dough with sauce.  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the cheese.  The dough takes longer to cook, and the sauce will kind of keep the dough flat.  Cook for about 10-15 minutes.  At this point, the dough should be solid, but not 100% cooked.

Remove from the oven and let cool.  Your sauce will be baked into the dough, so you want to add a little more on top.  Next, sprinkle cheese on, and again leave an inch or so around the edges to create your crust.

Now comes the fun part!  I like to experiment with different toppings, and I will get into some of those on different blog posts.  I’m going to stick to the basics here.  Usually I will grab a bag of pepperoni (sliced deli pepperoni works just as well), a precooked breaded chicken cutlet, a couple precooked breaded eggplant slices, roasted red peppers, and fresh mozzarella.

My fiance loves eggplant, so I’ll make her a pie with thin strips of eggplant, roasted red peppers, and fresh mozzarella on top.  It’s easy to make this look real professional, too.  I chop up the chicken cutlet and sprinkle that on top of my pie, and to add moisture I like to add some extra pizza sauce right on top, then sprinkle a little more cheese on top.

In the pictures below I have a plain pie and one with banana peppers (also came out AWESOME!).


Pizza dough

Pizza sauce (different than Marinara, you can get this at Meat Farms or most supermarkets)


Olive oil

Mozzarella cheese


Also needed:

9″ cake pan



I love pizza, so I might be a little biased but I give this a 10 out of 10 for taste, look, and don’t forget ease of cooking.   My family loves when I make this, and they love the toppings I experiment with.


Topping combinations I recommend:

Pepperoni (deli sliced pepperoni works as well)

Cooked and sliced sausage, sauteed peppers, onions, and garlic

Sliced meatballs

Breaded chicken cutlet, ricotta and pizza sauce

Breaded eggplant, roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella

Penne ala vodka



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